On Gatsby and writing

I finished reading The Great Gatsby a week ago and I think is kind of sad that F. Scott Fitzgerald died believing himself a failure. Besides being a well-known alcoholic, he was a terrific writer who often stole from his experiences to give us amazing stories. In The Great Gatsby, we can see the similarities between Fitzgerald and Nick Carraway not only in character but also in other details like they both went to Ivy League schools. There is an even greater connection between Fitzgerald and Jay Gatsby as they both met their beloved ladies while serving in the military. Also, the relationship between Gatsby and Daisy resembles Fitzgerald’s relationship with his wife Zelda.

A lot more has been drawn from Fitzgerald’s life making me wonder if I’ll ever be able to write something slightly appealing. I’ve been in this world more than half the time Fitzgerald spent here and I feel that I may never catch up with him. Modern life is boring and sheltered and the most tragic thing you can experience in a day is to walk out of your house with a phone with low battery and OMG! no charger.

Another thing to mention is, I read the Great Gatsby in a few days, during lunch breaks, while taking the train, while riding with Faid (who is a terribly reckless driver), etcetera and it was a captivating love story, a great depiction of the Jazz Age and overall a light read. My piece of advice is, if you want to read this, don’t rush through it like I did, take the time to enjoy it. And if you want to start writing something as good, start living or at least drinking.